be ignoble

Have you heard of the IG Nobel awards? (pun on ignoble). Just read something about it here. Apparently past winners include, for Biology: For the discovery that herring communicate with one another through farting.

And my favourite: My peace: To the mayor of Vilnius, Lithuania, Arturas Zuokas, for discovering that running over illegally parked luxury cars with tanks can effectively get rid of the problem of illegally parked cars. there is also a video, which is extremely funny and also features a gangsta-like eastern european figure, being all pissed his merc just got rolled over, and then thanking the mayor (as if).

This guy also deserves the award for his dedication- Medicine Prize given to Donald L. Unger for steadfastly only cracking the knuckles on one hand and not the other for 50 years in order to determine whether cracking knuckles can be a cause for arthritis in fingers.

For someone who cracks her knuckles pretty constantly, i can imagine the discipline and effort that goes into only cracking knuckles of one of your hands.


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