the Jackie Kennedy of China

Turns out there’s a woman in the centre of the Bo Xilai saga in China, as with every good drama. A woman always makes it more interesting, especially when she’s the wife of the main lead, and especially when she’s “a woman whose intellect, drive and penchant for self-promotion easily matched her husband’s”. 

So supposedly, she’s charming, smart, something of a beauty, the “Jackie Kennedy of China”, married to the recently sacked party chief of Chongqing, who was poised to rise to the top of China’s party leadership. But it all went very wrong, with the death of a British business man in Chongqing last year, and the city’s former police chief seeking refuge with the U.S. It gets juicier:

Mr. Bo’s former police chief sought refuge in a U.S. consulate in China in early February. The ex-policeman, Wang Lijun, alleged that British businessman Neil Heywood, who died in Chongqing last year, was poisoned after he had fallen out with Ms. Gu.

But really, aside from the intriguing communist drama that has the makings of the next big Hollywood film– a princeling descending from party aristocracy unceremoniously thrown out and fallen from grace in such a public manner and amid so much scandal. Who knows what’s really happening behind the scenes and how much we will eventually find out, but it definitely the sacking definitely sheds interesting light on China’s political transition.

And in the absence of my favourite TV dramas like Downton Abbey, Walking Dead, and Revenge, I’m glued to this saga, for now.


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