hair dos or dont’s?

Awhile ago, xy and I had a conversation that revolved around justifying our expensive hairdos and spending money at the salon. We figured- we don’t splurge on branded bags the way many women do, and if they’re going to throw a few grand for a bag that (yes some are very pretty and new leather always smells so good) they don’t carry most of the time, then what is a few hundred on fixing our hair right? After all, you won’t see the expensive bag all the time, but you will see a person’s hair, day in and day out. You have to live with your hair, whether you like it or not, and a good hairstyle, can make all the difference.

At the risk of sounding spoilt and borderline bimbo, a study I just came across backs everything we had hypothesized!

Turns out, a study done by Yale nonetheless “declared the phenomenon of bad hair days leading to bad days in general to be true.”

Bad hair days affect individuals’ self-esteem by increasing self-doubt, intensifying social insecurities, and becoming more self-critical in general

Nothing like a research study conducted by brainy scientists to validate your spending habits. How much would you spend on your hair?


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