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GiveForward is a social entrepreneurial start up based in Chicago. Reading about their business idea might cause you to smack your forehead, as it makes you wonder “now why didn’t i think of that earlier?!” But the best ideas around are often one of the simplest, and those that are often just staring at you in the eye.

Basically it’s a tool that taps on social networking sites, like facebook, to help people raise funds for their causes, or for things like medical expenses- so you could set up a page to raise funds for your family/friends/even pets that are sick, going through some hefty medical procedure etc. It’s quite the awesome tool, especially if you think about the fact that medical costs cause 60 percent of all personal bankruptcies in America. Most of us probably know or heard of someone who’s in real need of money to help tide through medical fees, especially when it’s the result of unforeseen circumstances.

GiveForward makes it easier, by allowing you and your friends, family, friends of friends etc to spread the word and raise funds at a much faster pace. The Chicago Tribune called it the “future of medical fundraising in the Internet Age.” According to Wiki, in March 2009, two sisters used GiveForward to raise $32,000 to pay for one sister’s kidney transplant. That’s pretty amazing.

So if you like the sound of the idea, pay it forward by letting others know about this service.