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Marc Jacobs and Steven Meisel have created something that truly transports you back in time with the 2012 fall/winter campaign for Louis Vuitton. i love the stiff elegance and the contrast with the colours and the wild hats. Sometimes I wish wearing crazy hats and fascinators were still the norm, instead of something reserved only for the British aristocracy. Then again, it’s probably not practical considering the tropical heat i have to deal with on a daily basis.


NYTimes has a good piece about how Syria’s Assad family used public relations in a really sophisticated way to create a glamourous, progressive and modern image of them in the West. Vogue even published this controversial profile of Syria’s first lady in March 2011, just as Assad laid a brutal crackdown and over 10,000 Syrians died for opposing him. Vogue has since taken down its profile and apologised for it, but the reporter of the story Joan Juliet Buck said in an interview that the first lady was “extremely thin and very well-dressed, and therefore qualified to be in Vogue.” I guess this means if you put an Alexander McQueen outfit on a starving African child, she would be qualified to be featured in the magazine as well.

Awhile ago, xy and I had a conversation that revolved around justifying our expensive hairdos and spending money at the salon. We figured- we don’t splurge on branded bags the way many women do, and if they’re going to throw a few grand for a bag that (yes some are very pretty and new leather always smells so good) they don’t carry most of the time, then what is a few hundred on fixing our hair right? After all, you won’t see the expensive bag all the time, but you will see a person’s hair, day in and day out. You have to live with your hair, whether you like it or not, and a good hairstyle, can make all the difference.

At the risk of sounding spoilt and borderline bimbo, a study I just came across backs everything we had hypothesized!

Turns out, a study done by Yale nonetheless “declared the phenomenon of bad hair days leading to bad days in general to be true.”

Bad hair days affect individuals’ self-esteem by increasing self-doubt, intensifying social insecurities, and becoming more self-critical in general

Nothing like a research study conducted by brainy scientists to validate your spending habits. How much would you spend on your hair?