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How was your weekend?

I celebrated an old and dear friend’s birthday. We finally found a good Sichuan restaurant that’s worth a visit if you’re in Singapore. They didn’t seem to understand what cabbage was, but other than that, the food was authentic fiery mouth-numbing Sichuan goodness.



Besides setting my mouth on fire and enjoying it very thoroughly, the rest of the weekend was pretty chill, spent relaxing in bed at home and catching up with shows, like current favourite Game of Thrones. I recently also started watching Ringer (a warped slightly unbelievable story about two twin sisters and changing identities, murder, betrayals etc), which isn’t one of the best shows around but the plot is sufficiently engaging and thrilling. To be honest, getting sucked into their fictional warped lives and plotting is a good therapy and escape from mine.


Another dear friend also sent me this postcard, hand delivered from London. If it isn’t clear enough, it’s a picture of a giganormous pigeon on the top of the pillar at Trafalgar’s Square in London. She writes:

I couldn’t resist when I saw this postcard, it reminded me of when we threatened to tie you to Nelson’s column in Trafalgar Square and leave you to the horrid pigeons

Yup, my friends know me TOO well. pigeons are my kryptonite, i took a picture of her postcard only because i think i may destroy the actual thing one day after forgetting about it and then finding it lying around my house and freak out at the pigeon.

Anyway, to help with the sunday night blues, here’s a parody on the Hunger Games- “The Hipster Games, may the trends be ever in your favour”.


So GQ recently published its 10 best restaurants in NYC, and the food critic has seriously gotten me drooling all over my keyboard. Especially his description of Per Se, which made it sound like some far away land where all your dreams about food and life come true.

The meals are so long—nine courses plus canapés and petits fours—that seasons seem to change while you’re seated in the main dining room, looking over Central Park. Service is too intimate and too loquacious—I feel the way I did as a kid when my Aunt Bella trapped me in a corner and started meddling in my personal life.

But it gets better:

Thomas Keller’s cuisine, French technique combined with American creativity, is extraordinary, gorgeous, and unlike anyone else’s. A foie gras terrine with all manner of brilliant accents had more colors than a Kandinsky painting.

Wait, what? a Kandinsky painting?? with foie gras?? omfg. sounds a bit like a melted paddlepop ice cream, BUT i’m sure, tastes amazing. Give me amazing french food, while lounging on soft velvety couches in a salon overlooking central park, any day.

via test kitchen secrets

Tried this amazing roast chicken recipe this Easter weekend and the result was surprisingly good, despite it being my first time roasting the bird. It also got quite good reviews from the family and boyfriend, so i believe the recipe is rather idiot-proof. Every roast chicken fan should give it a shot!