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Henry Hill, the man Scorsese based his mafia classic Goodfellas on, has passed away, of natural causes.  A real larger-than-life character whose life was riddled by crime, drugs, betrayal- he snitched on his mob pals to help the Fed, was put on witness protection but then blew it because he  got into drug-related problems again.

In later years, he was a guest on Howard Stern’s radio show, opened a restaurant called Wiseguys, hosted mob-movie marathons, and hawked his own line of marinara sauce.

It seems like he really went away scot-free and even opened up his own business ventures post-mafia world. Makes you wonder why didn’t some mobster just lop off his head and be done with it? After all, his turncoat act landed 50 convictions of other mobsters. So why was he never taken down by other gangs, mafia movie-revenge style?