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So there’s a brothel in Prague, which offers patrons free sex on the condition that they allow the act to be filmed and broadcasted on the interwebs. Most people’s reactions would be a mixture of amusement/horror/disdain.¬†This is a stretch, but in a way the concept is similar to facebook’s, or other social networking sties. In exchange for free services like uploading photos etc, users have to “surrender” the privacy of their data, details of personal lives.

Now this Czech brothel, aptly named Big Sister, opened in May 2004 and closed in November 2010. Facebook was founded in 2004 as well, but only opened its membership to the wider public (anyone above 13) in 2006. I say this brothel is pretty ahead of its time in exploiting ways to make money off the Internet.

Photographer Hana Jakrlova documented the brothel from 2006-2007, which has been published into a book.