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Here’s another chart for you folks, this time a helpful one that will aid in answering one of the most important questions you will make in your social life- ‘should i friend him/her/it on facebook?’. As for those of you who’ve watched Southpark’s episode on facebook “you have 0 friends”, you know that ‘friending’ the wrong person on facebook could very well see the start of your social decline, and we certainly don’t want to end up like Stan, do we?

Jokes aside, choosing who to allow access to your profile is turning into a more serious matter, what with facebook’s nonsensical ever-changing privacy settings. I had ex-bosses, ex-boyfriends delete and try to add me back on facebook repeatedly, and recently had an ex-colleague I didn’t particularly get along with request to be ‘friends’. So yes, this flowchart showed me i should leave ’em in limbo, and that’s what i plan to do.